Piglet storms SPCA social media


An SPCA post of a wee piglet is taking over Facebook.

The days-old piglet, nick-named ‘Cece’ was handed into the Nelson SPCA on Sunday and has been winning hearts ever since.

SPCA Nelson Manager, Donna Walzl put the post up on their Facebook page an hour ago in the hopes of finding the piglet a home. The post has been going crazy, with over 100 likes and constant comments.

Donna says she has been blown away by the social media response

“I only just put up the post so it’s really neat to see how people respond to baby animals.”

Donna says some tourists found the abandoned piglet around the Okiwi Bay area.

“The tourists were walking along the beach and she was just following behind them,” says Donna.

“I’m surprised they caught her, because even at her age they run quite quickly so I don’t know how they managed to get her but they’ve done a great job looking after her, they even managed to feed her with a rubber glove.”

Donna says she hopes to find the wild piglet a home.

“She’s pretty sweet, she just wants to lie on your knee, curl up, and go to sleep, she’s quite adorable really.”

“She follows you around, and as soon as you feed her she’s just like, oh, you must be my mum!

If you’re interested in giving Cece a home, call SPCA Nelson on 03-547 7171