New bike helps elderly get mobile


A new kind of bike is helping elderly get out and about in Richmond.

The trishaw is a specially designed bike aimed at allowing elderly to be biked around town. It is able to sit two passengers up front in a unique rickshaw style design.  Sturdy enough to offer a smooth and safe cycling experience, an added motor also assists cyclists with steeper terrain.

The trishaw is part of a programme invented in Denmark called Cycling Without Age, which started in 2012 and is now in 26 countries across the globe.

One of the founders, Dorthe Perderson, visited Nelson during launch earlier this month. She says it was created around a simple approach to remind people how to build a relationship with their elders, based on five guiding principles.

“Starting with the simple act of generosity. Give time to your elders remembering the care and time they gave you. Storytelling – they have a lot of tell us, but they are all want to listen too and through sharing of information relationships are formed. If we take the time, the act of cycling slowly helps to take in the experience and appreciate it. Without age is the principle of how life does not end at a given age, but instead each generation can embrace what each has to offer through something as simple as cycling.”

Cycling Without Age has been brought to Nelson by the owners of Oakwoods Retirement Village in Richmond. Arvida is rolling it out to its 18 retirement homes around the country.