Nayland Students top Canterbury University course


Nayland College students go top of the class.

Gerry Toft and James MacKay have achieved top grades in a 100-level mathematics paper studied through the University of Canterbury.

Both students have received A+ results, with Gerry scoring 95 out of 95 possible marks in his final exam.

The UC course, delivered online with skype tutorial sessions, was offered to the pair in 2015 as an opportunity to continue study in a subject they are both passionate about.

Gerry and James had completed Level 3 NCEA mathematics a year ahead of their peer group, with Gerry earning NCEA Scholarship results in Calculus and Physics and James earning an NCEA Scholarship in Physics.

Transitioning to university study was the obvious next step for both students.

“Pursuing tertiary study alongside completing Level Three NCEA allowed me to keep up momentum in mathematics,” James explains.

Gerry and James’ efforts continue the Nayland College’s proud record in tertiary-level mathematics courses, and their success has not gone unnoticed at the University of Canterbury.

James has been granted a STAR scholarship worth $5000 toward his Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) studies next year, beginning with 200-level mathematics.

Gerry, selected as one of ten outstanding students in the course, will receive his $15,000 scholarship over three years’ study toward a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at the University of Canterbury.

“I’ll keep going with maths because I enjoy it,” he explains.

Both students will be spending the summer in Nelson before beginning studies at the University of Canterbury in 2016.