Mapua boat ramp ‘unsafe’


The popularity and growth of the Mapua waterfront have put pressure on the boat ramp, causing the Tasman District Council to deem it unsafe.

Councillor, Brian Ensor says the council has sought independent advice, which says the increasing popularity of the precinct means that the previous arrangements are no longer a safe option, now or in the future.

“The Council recognises the loss of such an amenity will be keenly felt and is currently reviewing the District’s boat ramp options,” says Brian.

“It would be remiss if we ignored the professional advice given and the concerns were not acted on.”

The existing boat ramp will remain available before 10 am and after 7 pm at night, 7 days a week. No parking is available, as has been the case for some considerable time.

Brian says the space must be shared in a way that is safe for all users.

“Achieving expansion in the immediate area will be difficult. The Council does not have the land available and the cost and process to develop the area for local boat owners which would include an increased parking capacity is unlikely to be supported by Tasman ratepayers.”

“Over the past three to four year the majority of the boat ramp users have moved to Grossi Point. This option remains available.”