House fire? Call the plumber.


If your house was on fire, what would your first reaction be?

For most it would be to call the fire department but the female owner of a Ngatitama Street home decided to call her plumber instead.

The central heating unit in the Nelson woman’s basement caught on fire just before 11 am this morning.

Nelson Senior Station Officer Gavin Scott says the owner was at home and noticed the fire early on.

“Unfortunately, she didn’t ring the fire service first, she rang the plumber who’d been doing some work on the boiler so we got a rather late call and we didn’t get there until twenty minutes after the fire began.”

Gavin says there was quite a bit of smoke coming out of the basement when they arrived and the plumber and a road worker were trying to extinguish the flames.

Both men were taken to the hospital, one with smoke inhalation and the other with minor burns to his hands.