Dun Mountain trail to reopen


The Dun Mountain Trail is expected to be reopened for cyclists and walkers from December 24.

The trail, one of New Zealand’s great rides, has been closed between Tantragee Saddle and Third House since August to allow for forestry harvesting.

A short section of track requires repair work which will not be completed by the time the trail was scheduled to be open, so Nelson City Council staff have been working with contractors PF Olsen to put a suitable detour in place until this work is completed. This detour will be in place from December 24 and will remain open over the peak summer period.

This section will be steeper than the normal trail – so please take this into account during your ride.

“Our main concern was getting the trail open for summer, as it is one of our most popular adventure activities, both for locals and visitors,” says council’s Alec Louverdis. “We are very pleased to be able to find an alternative route to allow the trail to be opened.”