‘I didn’t even know I was pregnant’


Imagine only having eight hours to prepare yourself for becoming a parent?

That was the reality for Nelson couple Charlene Wells and Eamon Parkes, who didn’t even realise Charlene was pregnant until she went into labour on Thursday morning. Now they have a healthy 7lb 9oz baby boy named Carlo.

“I had back pain on Wednesday night which got worse, so we went to A&E early on Thursday morning,” says Charlene.

They ran some tests on Charlene to see what the cause of pain was. They also suggested doing a pregnancy test – which came back positive – and then an ultrasound confirmed that she was in fact between 32 and 36 weeks pregnant. Charlene then gave birth to Carlo on Thursday after 12 hours of labour.

Charlene says there were no obvious signs of pregnancy, and because the placenta was at the front of her uterus, she did not feel any kicks or movement from her baby. She had no morning sickness, and no obvious baby bump – just what she thought was a bit of weight gain.

“I was quite shocked,” says Charlene, “it never crossed my mind that I could be pregnant.”

The couple say that they had never planned on having children, but they are now absolutely “over the moon” with their bundle of joy. “He’s the best gift ever,” says Eamon.

They have been blown away by the support of the Nelson community, who have been donating various baby items such as clothing and blankets to them after a friend posted the news on the ‘Pay it Forward Nelson’ and “Nelson Garage Sale’ Facebook pages.

“The community have been amazing,” says Eamon. “People we don’t even know have been dropping stuff off. We can’t thank them enough, and a lot of it will go back to Pay it Forward Nelson when we’ve finished with it.”

But despite their happy news, the couple have been given 90 days notice to move out of their current rental, due to the owner putting it on the market, and they are on the hunt for a new place in Richmond.