Waimea Road shared pathway opening


Nelson City Council were out on the corner of Beatson and Waimea Road early this morning for the opening of the new Waimea Road shared pathway.

Track users were offered breakfast, hot drinks, bike lights, bells, hi-viz gear and wheel checks.

The new pathway is for walkers, cyclists, people on scooters and mobility scooters. NZTA contributed 50 per cent of the funding for the pathway which now provides a route between Nelson and Richmond that is 99 per cent off the road.

Cyclist Kaye Hill says she will definitely use it regularly.

“It’s just an enjoyable way of getting around, I like to go to Mitre 10 so I’ll be able to whizz out to Mitre 10 much easier on my bike.”

Kaye’s friend Jules says, “I am not 100% confident on a bike but I’m really enjoying it and it’s nice to know that the cars are going to stay on their bit and I’m on this bit and we’re not going to meet in the middle.”

The 2013 census showed that 18.3 percent of Nelson residents walked and cycled to work, and Council has set a target of 25 per cent of people walking and cycling to work by 2018.

Mayor Rachel Reese says, “I hope this new pathway will encourage people to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, keep fit and make the most of the opportunity to make friends with their fellow path users.”