Shoplifters caught on camera


Fresh Choice Richmond is hoping that a photo on Facebook of two alleged shoplifters in the process of stealing “over $700 worth of expensive wine” from their supermarket will lead to their arrest.

The photo shows two men of Pacific Island or Maori descent in the supermarket’s wine aisles. It appears that one of the men is placing wine into a backpack worn by the other man.

Fresh Choice Richmond owner Gary Watson posted the photo taken by the security camera on their Facebook page on Wednesday. The two men are clearly identifiable in the photo which is remarkably clear for an image from a security camera.

Gary posted the words with the photo, “We need your help please!!

“These two fine gentlemen Stole over $700 worth of expensive wine from us on Sunday. Any information would be gratefully received. Feel free to PM us if you can help catch these guys.”

One of the comments on the post says, “Stole from the warehouse Nelson on the same day. There was a woman with them too.”

Gary says the two men knew what they were doing.

“They were in and out within minutes and targeted bottles of wine that were over $100 each, they didn’t even look up at the cameras.”

Gary says the supermarket has installed 50 security cameras in the past year and employed one full-time staff member to monitor security.

“In the past 12 months it’s gotten a lot worse and is becoming a real problem. Very few of the people we catch are doing it because they are needy, you can tell if they are stealing for want or need.”

Most of the shoplifters are eventually caught by police, says Gary.

“We’re a family business, we can’t afford hits like this.”