Rural water restrictions on horizon


Nelson’s outlying rural areas are on the verge of implementing water restrictions due to dropping river levels.

The Nelson City Council warn that without more rain, restrictions for rural Nelson residents who take their water directly from streams and wells are just around the corner.

Council estimates this affects about 500 households and they are being kept up to date with the situation by mail.

Monitoring is continuing and in the absence of significant or sustained rain, restrictions will be necessary within the next two weeks. This will mean, those taking water from wells and streams that breach “Trigger” Flows (low water levels) will be asked to take water only for the following purposes:

  • Domestic use – the water you need for your home
  • Drinking water for animals
  • Firefighting as required

Affected residents will be asked to stop taking water for crop and garden irrigation should trigger flows be reached.

If streams go on to reach “Minimum Flows” (lower water levels) water may only be taken for fire-fighting purposes.

It is important to note that the restrictions do not apply to those on the city’s reticulated supply, and water levels in the Maitai Dam, Maitai and Roding Rivers are currently adequate. However, all residents are encouraged to always use water wisely.