New NBus route for Stoke


A new route and bus will make travelling around the region a lot easier, especially for Stoke residents.

NBus will launch a new Hail and Ride Stoke Loop route on December 7, the route will start and finish by the Tennis Courts on Songer Street and connect with the main bus routes in and out of Nelson.

The Stoke Loop bus (route 7 on the map below) will travel in a continuous figure eight, heading north from Stoke along the Ridgeway to Enner Glyn, then back to Stoke via Nayland Road and Putaitai Street before heading south along Suffolk Road to Saxton Road, across to Nayland Road and back to Stoke.

NBus Route Map

There will be some designated bus stops but the route will also be a Hail and Ride service, so the bus will stop anywhere requested as long as it is safe and legal to do so.

“The new NBus route will make a real difference to the Stoke Community, especially the elderly and those with young children who want to get into Nelson,” says Infrastructure Committee Chair Eric Davy.

“People can save time and money, and get to school or work, much more easily using the new service,” says Eric.

The bus will run hourly and is priced as a separate single zone fare from the existing arterial and collector routes. Transfer tickets onto other bus routes will be available from the drivers.

The route will be launched with a standard small bus which will be replaced in February 2016 with a small kneeling bus equipped to take wheelchair users.

For fare and timetable information click here.