Natureland welcome Cotton-top Tamarins


Three cotton-top Tamarins flew from Hamilton to their new home at Natureland yesterday afternoon.

The critters are now in their enclosure for the public to come by and say hello.

The group consists of Mario the dad, and his sons Lucas and Jahli.

For the time being, Jenny says Natureland intend to keep them as a bachelor group but may in the distant future look at getting a female in.

Cotton-top Tamarins are a critically endangered species, Senior Keeper Jenny Petrigrew says that their high endangered status is mainly due to the fact they can only be found in Columbia, South America.

“It’s also due to deforestation and the pet trade, these guys are quite popular pets unfortunately,” says Jenny.

Jenny says the zoo has seen many changes over the past few months.

“The zoo as a whole has made a lot of changes, if people havent been for a while there’s been a lot of new enclosures in, a lot of revamped enclouseres as well. We’ve got the marmoset monkeys that came end of last year, we’re actually hoping for more babies from them very, very soon so that will be quite cool to have over the next couple of months.”