Freak winds tore off the front of Tahunanui's P&M Fireplaces over summer.

Freak wind rips off verandah


Murray Sinclair of P&M fireplaces got a shock this morning when he arrived at his shop this morning to find the verandah blown off.

The 12-metre verandah was torn off the building in a freak gust at 3.20 am. Nelson weather reported the freak wind reaching speeds of 69 kilometres per hour.

“I couldn’t believe it, it wasn’t just some signage, it was the whole verandah, and that thing has weathered quite a few storms,” says Murray. “The gutter has rolled in on itself and dropped to the ground.”

Murray says the “Downers fellas saw it at about 6.30 am” and kindly placed some cones around it to secure the footpaths.

Employee, Haidee Sinclair says they’re thankful no one got hurt.

“There’s the school down the road and the wee kids from the day care and we get a lot of foot traffic here so we’re very thankful it happened when it did.”

“The wind must have used the road like a big tunnel and roared through it and the verandah falling would have made a big crash,” says Haidee.

The footpath has been cleared and plans are being made for a new verandah, but nothing will happen before the new year.