Lucky escape: fire on Main Road Hope


A ninety-year-old man slept while his garage burned to the ground.

Four firefighting units were called from Richmond, Brightwater and Appleby to extinguish a large fire at 536 Main Road Hope just before 4 pm today.

Firefighters arrived to find 15-20-meter flames consuming the garage.

The only occupant of the house was a ninety-year-old man who was asleep at the time.

A neighbour called the emergency department and removed the occupant after another neighbour had come over and asked if their house was on fire.

He was treated on site by ambulance officers for anxiety and has since been taken to the hospital.

The firefighters were able to extinguish the flames despite a technical set back.

Richmond’s Chief Fire Officer, Ralph Lonsdale says, “the problem we had was that the water was on the other side of the main road so we had to wait for police to shut down the whole road before we could get a hose across.”

Ralph says the house was saved by someone’s quick thinking.

“Someone used the garden hose to spray the side of the house and the fires edge, which stopped it spreading.”