DOC call not to feed kea


The Department of Conservation requests that Nelsonian’s stop feeding Kea after an increase in human interation with the bird around Kahurangi National Park’s popular Flora Hut and the Flora car park.

DOC Motueka Operations Manager Chris Golding said people shouldn’t feed kea and they shouldn’t try to interact with them to prevent the inquisitive and social birds becoming a nuisance.

“For kea, human food is junk food and it’s as bad for them as eating junk food daily is for people. It’s better for kea to find their own natural foods to eat of berries, shoots and insects.”

“Feeding them, and too much contact with people encourages kea to hang around areas where there is human activity and to investigate human objects. This can lead to kea damaging vehicles and other property,” says Chris.

“People can help look after endangered kea and help keep them out of mischief by leaving these alpine parrots alone to live wild.”

Signs are being put up in Flora car park asking people not to feed kea.