Dancing duo on World of Dance


After being inspired by dancers on YouTube, Nelson sisters Zariyah and Shylah Andrews are now the ones inspiring others.

Zariyah and Shylah make up dancing duo ‘ICONIC’, and recently achieved minor celebrity status after a video of them dancing was picked up by the global company, World of Dance.

World of Dance placed the video on their YouTube channel on November 6. Since then, the video’s hits have skyrocketed, reaching over 23,000 within the first five days, the video has now received over 25,000 hits.

The girls could not be more thrilled and want to thank their dance teacher Ashley Belk and everyone that watched their video.

“It’s really cool that people from all over the world can see us dance,” says seven-year-old Shylah.

Big sister, Zariyah only began learning hip-hop at Richmond’s Mad Beat Dance Studio two years ago.

“I was watching youtube videos of people dancing and I wanted to be able to do it too,” says nine-year-old Zariyah.

To say that the girls love dancing is an understatement and as for their favourite style, the girls say hip hop wins hands down.

“It’s energetic and I like how we dance to a mixture of gangsta and more girly music,” says Zariyah.

“I love it, you just feel the music and be yourself when you dance,” says Shylah.

Zariyah says a lot of the dance videos that inspired them were on the World of Dance channel.

“I think the choreographers are really creative and they’re really technical.”

The video dance is the same routine that won them the Shakedown competition earlier in the year.

“It was our first time dancing to the camera but it was really cool and challenging,” says Zariyah.

Mother, Nicole Andrews says it wasn’t long after Zariyah began classes that Shylah wanted to follow in her big sisters footsteps.

“Shylah used to watch Zariyah’s lessons and she started doing the moves on the side, she’s always struggled with her balance because she had a contorted pelvis so she never really had good rhythm and sort of struggled with the balance. Then I saw she could pick up the moves a little pick so I just put her in the class and then she started doing really well and her balance improved. So basically, it’s changed her whole body structure.”

Nicole says she is so proud of her girls. “They just want to dance every day, they’d do it all the time if they could.”

“It’s amazing to see their success grow, and it’s really special for Shylah, seeing her balance and her coordination grow just from doing something she enjoys, that’s a huge thing for me.”

ICONIC’s next goal is to dominate at more national competitions and who knows, maybe even check out the international competition scene.