A busy boat ramp at Nelson marina on Saturday morning. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Council to buy marina hardstand


The Nelson City Council has agreed to purchase 3065 square meters of land along Akersten Street.

This area includes the existing hardstand facility, as well as a wharf, jetty and other infrastructure associated with the operation of a hardstand.

The agreement is still conditional and subject to due diligence, which will be completed by June 30, 2016. Due diligence includes condition assessments, transfers of consents and requirements associated with the operation of the hardstand.

The cost of the land has yet to be released, but the Nelson City Council has set aside 1.5 million dollars for the development of the Nelson marina.

If finalised, the purchase will secure access for marine users to hardstand facilities that are close to the existing marina.

The hardstand provision at the marina is an issue that has remained unresolved for many years. This had been identified as an important issue for this Council, and a provision for funding of a hardstand area was outlined in the Council’s Long Term Plan.

Mayor Rachel Reese is pleased to see progress on this issue.

“Entering into this purchase agreement shows Council’s intent to commit to the marina area. This will address the needs of many marina users, and it is fortunate that such an opportunity has been made available after so many years.”