Brightwater School pet day


A dog herding ducks, a shy possum and a shearing demonstration were all part of the Brightwater School pet day last Friday.

The annual event is a favourite amongst students and teachers and kicked off with a demonstration from Ken White, who has previously represented New Zealand in sheep dog trials. After releasing six ducks, Ken and one of his dogs led them through an obstacle course before separating white ducks from black and shepherding them into separate boxes.

Pupils then gathered round as teacher Alan Dobson showed off his shearing skills on student Keely Moir’s pet lamb Daisy.

Just before the day came to an end with some dog and owner racing, Brightwater School students joined in a pets parade which featured everything from a turtle, to rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, chooks, a possum, lambs, ponies and of course man’s best friend.

Pupil Lauren Eyre says she loves pet day because it gives students the chance to introduce their pets and meet everyone else’s, her pet being a one-year-old rooster called Timmy.