4 & Rotary: shine and show


Hundreds of Nelsonians packed into the Saxton Stadium yesterday as part of 4 & Rotary’s Show and Shine event.

The event saw over 50 cars from a variety of classes being judged and displayed in the stadium.

The day also included DB drag racing, Dyno runs, a jet car fire show and the official prizegiving.

4 & Rotary promoter, Azhar Bhamji says it was the biggest turnout they’ve had in Nelson.

“The event has been amazing, we’ve had more cars here than the last two years.”

Azhar says he hopes 4 & Rotary will be back for more events next year.

“This is the end of our three year deal with the venue as well as with the drag racing, but let’s not say that this is that last you’ll see of us.”