Waimea Intermediate Shake Out


This morning, 677 Waimea Intermediate students along with their teachers, hid under their desks as part of Shake Out.

Shake Out is an international earthquake drill held every year on October 15, aimed at educating people on how to react to an earthquake.

For Waimea Intermediate students, this meant having to ‘Drop, Cover and Hold’ until they were permitted to evacuate safely.

The drill began in California in 2008 and New Zealand joined the initiative in 2012, following Christchurch’s 2011 earthquakes.

Almost 1.4 million New Zealanders signed up for the Shake Out.

Shake Out says an earthquake could happen at any moment and it is important to be ready.

“Based on its seismic history, New Zealand should experience 50 magnitude 5 earthquakes and two magnitude 6 earthquakes each year, four magnitude 7 earthquakes per decade, and a magnitude 8+ earthquake every century.”