Students test their hair dressing skills


A couple of dozen beauty students showed how to cut, spray and perm at NMIT’s hairdressing competition on Friday.

The contestants were high school students who also attend various trades academies in Nelson and Marlborough. Blenheim’s Faith Alexandra-Crone won the hair competition and Maia Jones won the makeup competition.

Garin College student Holly Phillips won the “overall look” award.

The theme for the competition was rock ‘n’ roll vintage and that meant “pomps” and “victory rolls” – think Rizzo in the movie Grease.

Other trades were also out to impress. Carpentry students made stools for the occasion and cookery students showed off their skills in finger food and mocktails.

Hairdressing tutor Zaley Gill says it was a great way to end the third semester. “It was pretty amazing because it was a big team event, with students from different trades, that made it really special.”