Security tags causing problems


Nelsonians have been setting off shop door alarms more often lately – but they’re not shop lifting – it’s because of a new electronic security tag scheme that has been employed by an iconic Kiwi company.

Customers who buy clothing from The Warehouse may have noticed new security tags attached to their garments. But the tags, which are deactivated – but not removed – upon purchase, have been causing problems in other shops by setting of their door security alarms.

The problem has been most persistent at Kmart Richmond. People have been buying clothes that contain the tags at the The Warehouse, which is right next door, and then come in and set off the Kmart door alarms. A spokesperson from Kmart Richmond says that it’s happening “all the time” and it usually gives their customers a bit of a fright.

“We have to tell customers that it’s just the tag on their Warehouse clothing, and we help them cut them off it they want us to, so it doesn’t happen again,” she says. “I’m sure once people are educated about it, they can cut them off themselves and then it will probably drop off.”

A spokesperson from The Warehouse says that the tags are a new theft precaution, which are deactivated upon purchase. They said they could not comment on the tags setting off alarms at other stores.

The Warehouse’s website says that clothing over $15 and footwear over $20 are now supposed to have an electronic tag attached at source by the manufacturer.