Roadside car sales brings council warning


Although it’s one of the easiest ways to sell your car, parking it on the side of a busy road with a ‘for sale’ sign in the window could actually land you with a fine.

There has been an increase in cars for sale on some of Nelson’s busiest roads, which has prompted the Nelson City Council to give a “friendly reminder” to residents that there is a bylaw in place that makes it an offence.

Mandy Bishop, Manager Consents and Compliance at the council, says it is happening more frequently in the weekends and the main problem areas are Waimea Rd, Main Rd Stoke, and Nayland Rd, or specific areas next to the State Highway.

“The potential danger is when drivers become distracted by these vehicles or slow down to look,” she says. “Vehicles for sale on the side of the road can also reduce parks for other people and negatively impact on the look of a neighbourhood – if they start to accumulate in specific areas, the street can start to look a bit like a car yard.”

“This has been an on-going issue, however from time to time this activity does increase. It often starts with one car, then others follow suit.”

The council can issue infringement notices for those who breach the bylaw, which is a $40 fine, but sellers usually get a warning first. “Generally we contact the owner of the vehicle, who then removes the vehicle once they are told it is an offence,” she says.

Mandy says there is no issue with a vehicle being used or driven with a ‘for sale’ sign in the window – it is only an offence if it is parked on the road or on council land, principally for the purpose of selling or storing.