Police to target ‘boy racers’


Police are actively targeting illegal street racers following an increase in “boy racer” activity recently.

Police have received reports of groups of up to 30 vehicles converging in locations around the region, dumping diesel on the roads and doing burnouts.

Acting Sergeant Peter Greenland said that, as well as being a risk to themselves and other road users, the activity was affecting residents in some of the target areas.

“These people are making a lot of noise and they’re intimidating other road users. They’re treating cars like toys and public roads like their playground and that’s going to end in tears,” he said.

Acting Sergeant Greenland said there was often a group of spectators encouraging the show-off behavior of the drivers.

Over the past week Police have impounded and Green Stickered three vehicles.  The drivers of those vehicles have been summonsed to Court facing a charge of Sustained Loss of Traction under the Boy Racer Legislation.  The penalty for Sustained Loss of Traction or any other “Boy Racer” activity may result in 3 months imprisonment, $4,500 fine and a minimum disqualification of 6 months and impoundment of vehicle for a period of 28 days.

Enquiries are continuing into other reported offending and further charges are likely.

Acting Sergeant Greenland said Police had received a lot of information and support from the community to put a stop to boy racer activity and he encouraged anyone who witnessed any dangerous driving to call Police immediately.