Person dead after caravan fire


A person has been killed after fire ripped through a caravan at Club Waimea on Saturday night.

Police confirmed the death at around 10pm on Saturday night, about two hours after the fire started, but had no further information.

The cause of the fire is also yet to be established.

Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Johnston says Sunday’s focus is on completing the scene examination, interviewing witnesses and identifying the deceased person.

Richmond Volunteer Fire Brigade chief Ralph Lonsdale says the caravan “went up like a rocket”, and was “totally destroyed”.

Ralph says crews from Wakefield and Stoke were attending to the fire, as the Richmond Volunteer brigade has its awards dinner tonight. But he could see the smoke before the alarm was raised.

“We’re over at the Waimea Old Boys clubrooms and we could see the black smoke and then all our pagers went and the siren went.”

He says he has been told the caravan went up “very, very fast”.

Ralph says the fire could be consistant with a gas bottle that caught alight but it could take days for investigators to know the cause.