New machines for strongman comp


As if lifting logs, pulling trucks and tossing tyres wasn’t enough, this year’s Vortex Spas Strongman Challenge looks set to be even tougher.

Organiser Luke Slotemaker has brought in a few new additions to last year’s successful event at the Nelson A&P Show, including a quad bike press, wheel deadlift and a crucifix hold. The crucifix hold is an endurance event where competitors have to hold out an axe in each hand. Whoever holds it up with straight arms the longest, wins.

Luke says last year’s event attracted a lot of interest from the public, so he wanted to up the ante this year. “I thought I’d like to do it again but step it up a notch. My focus is to get events that are spectacles, that are impressive, so I’ve done that.

“So far eight competitors from around the South Island have entered the strongman challenge, but Luke says entries are still open for the event on November 21 and 22 at Richmond Park.