Nelson athletes conquer Kona


Nelson triathletes Britta Martin, Wayne Leighton, Carol Cooper and Eileen Searle competed at the 2015 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii on Sunday.

The event saw athletes race 140.6 miles in 32-degree heat.

Britta was the first of the group to cross the finish line, placing 207th overall with a finish time of nine hours and 47 minutes.

Britta was followed by Wayne who placed 1295 with a final time of 11 hours and 47 minutes.

Carol placed 1380th, coming in at 11 hours and 58 minutes while Eileen came in at 1881 with a finish time of 14 hours and 12 minutes.

The team were joined by over two thousand competitors, including 44 other New Zealanders.