Mayor happy with council’s annual report


Nelson City Council has adopted its 2014/15 annual report, which mayor Rachel Reese says highlights a solid financial performance.

The annual report highlights $1.4 billion in council assets and a spend of $128 million each year on projects and services.

Rachel says a key focus in the 2014/15 year was developing the Long Term Plan 2015-25 and that the 10 Year Plan which came into effect in July 2015 creates a solid foundation for future success.

“We received nearly 600 submissions to our Long Term Plan which has helped us to set our priorities over the next ten years,” says Rachel.

Other “highlights” include development of the city’s core infrastructure, in particular the completion of the Maitai Pipeline duplication project; an 8km pipeline built to provide protection to the city’s drinking water supply.

“Projects like this, along with the start of the Corder Park Pump Station upgrade and several sewer upgrades, ensure we are protecting the health of our people and our environment,” says Rachel.

Showcasing Nelson to the world is another focus, says Rachel.

“We successfully hosted three ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup games earlier this year, which not only showcased our city to the world but proved our sports facilities are world class. I look forward to hosting two further international Black Caps games this summer.”

Overall, she says a strong council performance has been achieved this financial year.

“A sincere thanks to everyone who is working to make Nelson an even better place to live.”