Looks tough, but cat really a softie


A tatty-looking cat with a big heart has taken up residence at a Nelson vet clinic, and he’s looking for a new home.

The cat, which has lovingly been named “Munchkin” by the staff at Victory Square Veterinary Clinic, was handed into the clinic two weeks ago after someone found him on Vanguard St.

Practice manager Brendan Hickman says that ideally the owner will still come forward, but it’s odd that they haven’t had an enquiry as he is such a recognisable cat and it’s a long time to be missing your cat and not ring the vet clinics.

“But, there could be an odd reason, or the owners might be away,” he says. “If no one comes forward, it’s a case of trying to find him a home for a little while.”

Brendan says “a little while,” because Munchkin, who’s age is unknown, may not have very long to live, due to a squamous cell carcinoma – a form of skin cancer – on his right eye, and another developing on his nose. Brendan says it is common for white cats to get skin cancer on their faces and often involves having to remove ears or noses.

“He’s obviously had surgery at some point to remove his ears and it’s done a good job, but unfortunately he’s still got the growth above his right eye and it’s spreading to other parts of his face. You could do surgery but it would be less of a curative surgery and more of a ‘buying time’ sort of thing. He’ll still be happy – but technically it’s a wound that won’t heal.”

Despite his condition, Munchkin is happy, content and winning the hearts of the vet staff. “The cool thing is he’s just loving life at the moment and cruises around the place,” says Brendan. “He’s a happy character and just loves attention.”

If Munchkin is your cat, or if you think you could provide him with a loving home, call the clinic on 546 9646.