Drugs and money stolen from pharmacy


Thousands of dollars’ worth of drugs and money has been stolen from pharmacies around Nelson over the past week, including a brazen burglary in Richmond overnight.

Queen St Pharmacy owner Sue Morris arrived at work Wednesday morning to find a hole smashed through her ceiling and another hole in the wall. She says she wasn’t sure if the burglars were still in the building when she arrived, so waited until others turned up.

Along with extensive damage, Sue says their safe was smashed open with money and controlled drugs taken.

She says the items taken would be worth thousands of dollars.

Queen St Pharmacy is the latest to be hit, after at least two Nelson pharmacies were targeted last week. One of the Nelson pharmacies that was burgled last week confirmed that it was broken into but did not want the business name to be published.

Sue says pharmacy owners around the region were sent an email late last week advising of the burglaries and just before closing last night she saw two “suspicious-looking people” in her store.

“Because of the way they were looking around the store and the email that we received last week, I decided to call the police but I went through to a national call centre and they didn’t understand where I was and nobody turned up.

“So it was pretty frustrating that this happened a few hours later.”

She says the police she dealt with after the theft were “excellent”.

The burglars left their tools in the store this morning, including a crow bar and screw drivers. Sue says it looks as if they were passing stuff out through bars that cover the windows. She says they only went into the office, the only part of the building that isn’t alarmed.