City lane should get lights by Christmas


Part of a proposed scheme to “light up” Bridge St has stalled, but councillors say the work should still be completed in time for Christmas.

Nelson City Council has proposed to string up fairy lights over Fiddle Lane as part of the Bridge St improvement programme, which also includes under veranda lighting, planting, and enhancing street frontages.

Design work for the cable secured awnings and fairy lights is nearing completion, but the project still requires agreement from the adjoining land owner to which the fittings will attach, which has delayed the project.

The lights will be strung between two buildings, but one of the private property owners wants to discuss “air space rental”. The council has been working with Ron Taylor, Nelson branch president of the Hospitality Association, to liaise with the owner.

Councillor Matt Lawrey, at today’s Council Works and Infrastructure Committee meeting, says the delay is “disappointing” as the lights will really benefit the area.

Alec Louverdis, group manager infrastructure at the council then stated that he is “very hopeful” they will still have the lights up before Christmas, and is expecting approval within the next two weeks.

There are also plans to enhance the facades of upper Bridge St buildings, but owners of two of the buildings have stated they are not prepared to spend the money, as they are unsure of the futures of the buildings.

The council has approached both owners through Ron with the offer of the council undertaking some painting to their facades, and say that “early indications are positive”.

There are also plans to revamp the planters on Bridge St, and back in June, under veranda lighting was installed in the hospitality precinct with five extra LED lamps.