Latest: Gas explosion causes truck fire


A truck carrying 63 gas cylinders has been destroyed by fire on Quarantine Rd this morning.

The truck is thought to be a Summerland truck which had just arrived in Nelson from Christchurch carrying cylinders of oxygen, nutritious oxide and acetylene.

Nelson Fire Service station officer Craig Davies says the truck driver found his rear trailor on fire, pulled over and called the fire service. “We can’t get anywhere near it, there is a 200 metre radius around the truck which has been evacuated as these cylinders have a bad habit of exploding.”

Craig says a road block is in place and will remain for at least the next two hours, or until 10am. “We’re trying to cool the cylinders down and we’ll be doing that for the next two hours.”

Gym-goers were evacuated from City Fitness at around 6.40am with some reporting that they heard a “boom, boom” before people came in saying there was a fire.

Police and the Fire Service were at the scene and the fire is now dying down.

More information to come.