20,000 sign up for earthquake drill


More than 20,000 people in the Nelson-Tasman region have now signed up to take part in the national earthquake drill.

ShakeOut 2015 participants will drop, cover and hold at 9.15am on Thursday 15 October.

So far, 20,232 people have signed up to ShakeOut, representing 22 per cent of the region’s population.

“We’re aiming to get over 23,000 locals on board to raise awareness for natural disaster preparedness,” says Nelson Tasman Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group Acting Manager, Joe Kennedy.

“During the last earthquake drill in 2012, New Zealand had the largest participation rate per capita in the world, beating the US, Canada and Japan, where the exercise is also held.

“ShakeOut 2015 is our chance to once again show them how it’s done and show that we’re world leaders in earthquake preparedness.”

More than 1 million people are signed up nationwide, and the goal is to have at least 1.5 million take part.

More information can be found at www.shakeout.govt.nz.