The Trafalgar Centre’s future is uncertain, and could be bulldozed unless a solution that doesn’t cost tens of million of dollars can be found. Photo: Andrew Board.

Work to start on Trafalgar Centre


Work on upgrading the Trafalgar Centre will start this Monday.

The Nelson City Council has  approved to begin work on the Trafalgar Centre, with physical work scheduled to start September 7.

Local firm Gibbons Construction Ltd have been contracted to undertake the physical works associated with the reopening of the Trafalgar Centre and the development of Rutherford Park.

The Trafalgar Centre Reopening Project will be separated into five different work packages. These are:

  • Compliance works and ground improvement
  • Southern extension
  • Main building, infrastructure/external works and maintenance items
  • Northern building
  • Rutherford Park

Each package will be subject to a detailed design, scheduling and pricing. The total confirmed budget for the Trafalgar Centre in the 2015/16 financial year (excluding Rutherford Park) is $12.289 million. The works on the main building and southern extension are scheduled to be completed at the end of March 2016.

Mayor Rachel Reese was happy with the progress “It is pleasing to see that the work will begin now. We all look forward to seeing this major project progress, so that our city can benefit from using this asset to bring large conferences and events into Nelson.”

Gibbons Chief Operating Officer Shane Trench indicated their eagerness to start the project. “The ECI process to date has been extremely thorough and paramount in establishing the optimum construction methodology for reopening the centre. Council are to be commended here for their approach. We are really looking forward to getting the physical works underway and restoring this iconic Nelsonian building to full health”.