Whale rescue course for Nelson


A Nelson volunteer group, Paddlers for Marine Mammal Protection, aims to raise people’s awareness of the whales and dolphins that visit our waters and the potential dangers they face.
Historically, New Zealand sees more strandings of live whales and dolphins than any other country with many of those strandings in Golden Bay. Although some of the whales are sick or injured, others are healthy and just need a helping hand back out to sea.
So, Paddlers for Marine Mammal Protection has arranged for animal welfare charity Project Jonah to run their Marine Mammal Medic course in Nelson on Saturday September 26. Group spokesperson Jane Reed says the one-day course will teach the essential skills to keep whales alive when they strand.
“These skills have been used successfully at hundreds of strandings across New Zealand and internationally, saving the lives of these animals in their hour of need,” she says.
She says saving whales is difficult and people need to understand why they happen and what they can do to help. Project Jonah is always ready to respond at anytime and anywhere but need the help of trained volunteers across the country.
Project Jonah volunteers, including Paddlers for Marine Mammal Protection, will also be at Tahunanui Beach on Sunday September 27 from 10am to 3pm to provide interactive demonstrations and displays centred around saving stranded whales.
For more information about Project Jonah’s whale rescue course go to the website projectjonah.org.nz/medic