Waimea College wins under-16 competition


The Waimea College under-16 rugby team won their final against Renwick 44-5 at Waimea College on Saturday.

The weather was kind enough for a great game of rugby. Renwick came out fired up and it was looking like a real nail-biter with Waimea’s brilliant defence holding out Renwick phase after phase, at times pushing them back with commitment that has been absolutely outstanding in the later half of their season

After a 12 game round-robin format, Waimea secured their home semi-final by winning 11 of their 12 outings. Waimea accumulated a massive 56 out of a possible 60 points for the season to get a home semi against Blenheim’s Harlequins.

Waimea won 37-0 and then watched as Renwick managed to out play Stoke for a place in the final.

“The season has been difficult at times,” said Waimea manager Tony Terrell.

“We’ve had numerous injuries to key players and therefore fielded a lot of games with only one or two reserves and a number of players out of position at times.

“But the boys have dug deep and my hat goes off to coaches Glen Thompson and Glenn Grant who have done an outstanding and very professional job with the boys throughout the season that, well the results speak for themselves don’t they.”

“They have created a well disciplined team that’s proved resilient through the tough games. And they’ve just stood up and beaten the challenges through absolutely outstanding defence and really worked as a team throughout the season made successful by their attendance to some inspirational training sessions”

The final whistle blew and Waimea celebrated a 44-5 win over Renwick who were a well deserved runner-up for the season.

Tries came from Braydon Harvie, Jake Goeddert, Nick Terrell, Josh Kelly (2), Shylo Kouka (2). Justin Barr kicked three conversions and a penalty.