Tasman submits plan for digital funding


The Tasman District Council has submitted the district’s Digital Enablement Plan in the second part of a two stage application process to the funding announced by the Government. The first stage closed in July this year.

The registration of interest invited Councils to provide supporting information to enable extension of ultra fast broadband, rural broadband and mobile black spot coverage.  The work, while carried out by Government funded contractors, will be funded where the most benefit will be gained.

“The district’s Digital Enablement Plan couldn’t have happened without the close collaboration, co-operation and commitment of Tasman communities,” councillor Judene Edgar says. “All the groups, organisations and representatives who stepped up deserve recognition for making this plan a reality.”

“The submitted plan represents a community-wide commitment to working together to realise the opportunities identified in the many recent meetings held throughout the district.”

“It is a living plan. It will keep changing as older projects finish and new projects come on. It also needs to be flexible to take advantage of rapid technology change, especially if our region is successful in receiving more funding.”

“With one regional economy across the Tasman and Nelson region, the benefits will be region-wide.”

Judene says it will be a few months before anyone finds out which regions benefit will from the Government’s investment but “regardless of outcome, as a community we’re getting on with creating a digital future”.

“While the funding isn’t guaranteed, a good business case has been put forward to attract something from each of the three funds. Our registration of interest and Digital Enablement Plan is focused on delivering support and investment across the region for ultrafast broadband, rural broadband and mobile black spot coverage.”