Owner of old photos a mystery


A local restaurant is seeking the owner of some old photos that were left there almost a year ago.

The packet of “precious looking” original photos and some reprints were left at one of the tables at Fords Restaurant and Bar on Trafalgar St, and owner Kerry Ford says that they would love to get them back to their owner.

“When I found the photos, I put them in the safe without even looking at them, thinking someone would come back to claim them,” says Kerry.
But no one did.

“I found them the other day when I was cleaning out the safe and I was going to throw them out, but then I decided to have a proper look.”
“When I saw they were originals, I couldn’t throw them away – they are obviously someone’s precious family photos and someone has gone to a lot of effort to get the creases out and get them reprinted.”

Even though it has been almost a year since they were left there, Kerry is hopeful they will be able to reunite the photos with their owner.
“They look like they are really cherished and I’d hate to have to throw them out,” she says.

Kerry has also posted enlarged versions of the photos on the Ford’s Facebook page in hope of finding the owner.

If the photos belong to you, or you think you know who they may belong to, please call Fords on 546 9400 or claim them at 276 Trafalgar St.