New name for community trust


At its Annual Public meeting held today The Canterbury Community Trust announced it is changing its name to Rātā Foundation.

Chair Roger Bridge says both Trustees and staff are excited about the more inclusive nature of the name change, effective immediately, which better reflects the organisation’s strategic direction and the name change and new visual identity and its four funding regions.

Rata Foundation CEO Roger Bridge.
Rata Foundation CEO Roger Bridge.

“Inevitably we will be asked why the change?  I’m sure some of the organisations we fund might even be concerned that we’ve changed our name, are we changing what we do?  The reality is this is our first major update to our identity since our inception in 1988 and whilst we’ve changed our name, our core purpose of grant making for the community remains the same,” says Mr Bridge.

Rātā Foundation, formerly The Canterbury Community Trust, holds in trust for the communities of Canterbury, Marlborough, Nelson and the Chatham Islands an endowment of over half a billion dollars.  This came from the sale of the community’s shares in what was previously known as the Canterbury Savings Bank.     This endowment allows the organisation to make millions of dollars worth of grants each year to organisations in our four funding regions, reaching tens of thousands of people.  Rātā Foundation is the largest philanthropic organisation in the South Island; the second largest in New Zealand.

“We undertook a perception survey early in 2014 which told us that the name The Canterbury Community Trust was confusing, particularly around the words Canterbury and Trust.  Many from our other funding regions found the name isolating and not inclusive.    Many of the respondents didn’t understand where and who the money comes from.”

“By adopting a name which is easily recognised and has a strong New Zealand identity  we want to restore a sense of belonging to our four funding regions, united in our collective vision of supporting organisations through our funding to build connected, strong, healthy, happy and prosperous communities,” says Mr Bridge.