Miracle baby fighting again


Nelson’s very own ‘miracle baby’ has just celebrated his first birthday, but is now back in hospital fighting for his life.

Jack Frost’s story featured in the Nelson Weekly last December, after his mum, Vicki Frost, went into labour at just 23 weeks, well short of the usual 40 weeks. Her waters broke at 21 weeks and she was told by doctors that her baby would be too young to save. But a call was made to Wellington hospital who took them in, and Vicki was given drugs to suppress the labour. Two days later, on August 26, she gave birth to Jack, weighing just 712 grams.

This year, Vicki, her husband Marty and Jack have been enjoying life as a family of three back in Nelson, but after a rough weekend with Jack struggling to breathe, he was flown to Auckland’s Starship Hospital on Sunday for specialist treatment.

He is now in the paediatric intensive care unit and underwent surgery yesterday to look for a possible blockage in his throat. The outcome of his surgery is not yet known but Vicki stated they were all crossing their fingers that the problem could be resolved immediately.

It is a heavy blow for the family, as Jack has been thriving and meeting all his milestones for his corrected age, which is eight months. He is eager to explore, smiles a lot and has a healthy appetite – especially for avocado, banana and his grandfather’s flounder.

Vicki says that although Jack still needs regular check-ups with his paediatrician, visits to an ear, nose and throat specialist, developmental check-ups, plus hearing and eye tests – he has done really well with all of them.

Vicki says she has been blown away with the amount of interest in Jack. They’ve been sent first birthday cards from strangers and also received numerous gifts and cards when Jack was born. “I sent out 120 ‘thank you’ cards to people who sent us things or helped us,” she says.

To follow Jack’s progress, you can visit his Facebook page – ‘Jack Frost’s Journey.’