Makos strike back in sign war


Tasman, you play great rugby, in a runners-up, bridesmaid kind of way.

It was the words that sent Tasman Makos rugby fans into a spin when it was plastered on a billboard and parked outside the main entrance to the Makos home ground, Trafalgar Park, last month. What incensed fans even more was the supposed author, “Regards, Canterbury”, it read.

The sign was latter revealed to be part of a marketing campaign by New Zealand Rugby in an effort to create greater rivalry amongst provincial unions in the ITM Cup. But Tasman has hit back with a billboard spotted on Richmond’s Gladstone Rd this morning reading: “Canterbury, so where’d you end up on the table last year? Regards, Makos.”

The answer is, of course, behind Tasman in the final standings. The red and black men then failed to reach the final, where Tasman lost to Taranaki.

The Makos official Facebook page asked fans last week to come up with a billboard slogan to hit back at the original from Canterbury and the winner has supposedly been chosen.

What do you think of the reply?