Living on $2.25 a day


Jill Lees enjoys her morning coffee, but next week it the cost of it will be almost twice her daily food budget.

Jill is taking part in Live Below the Line, a global charity challenge that sees participants set a daily food and drink budget of just $2.25.

Money raised from the challenge goes towards fighting human trafficking, especially for young girls who are often the victims and are often sexual exploited.

Jill says she “loves” her food so the five day challenge, which starts this Monday, will be tough. “I like to exercise a lot and I do enjoy my food so this will be tough, but being hungry is going to be a constant reminder of the things in the world that I have no control over. The thing I like about this is that I have a voice and the voice is the money that I raise.”

While the recipe books haven’t been pored over yet, Jill says she has been doing some research for her challenge. “I’ve been looking at various foods, $2.99 buys a kilo of carrots so if I spread that across the week I think I should be ok.”

Jill is hoping to raise $1000 for the cause and already has $520 pledged. She says anyone wanting to donate can do so at her page