What happens to our disappearing cat?


He has whiskers, four paws and a feline purr, seemingly Ernie is just like any other cat, but get to know him a little better and you’ll discover that Ernie has a secret or two that his owners are keen to discover.

Ernest Norman Halcrow, or Ernie as his family calls him, is seven years old. “We got him from the SPCA as a kitten and he was the runt of the litter. We got him about a month before our son Luke was born and his is the most smoochy, affectionate cat there is,” says Ernie’s owner Kirsten Taylor. “About three years ago he just disappeared for a week and we were really worried, but then he came back and stayed for a few months.”

After his first disappearing act, Ernie went missing again for a couple of weeks and then last year he went away for six months. When he did return each time, he was always in perfect health, “just like he hadn’t even gone and was back into smooching on your lap and sleeping in the bed.”

On Saturday, September 5, Ernie came back from his most recent 10 months holiday, returning to his loving family, with one little addition – Ernie left just before Olive was born and came home to find her nine months old.

“He’s one of those cats that has to have attention from people all the time, so he must have another family or two,” says Kirsten.

Kirsten’s sons Luke, 7, and Jude, 4, have their own theories on Ernie’s mystery disappearances, including an argument with their other cat Rudy.

Kirsten says they did do some research into ways of keeping Ernie at home but none were suitable.

“We’re not worried that he goes wandering [now], we miss him when he’s gone but we would just be really interested in finding out where he goes,” says Kirsten.

If Ernie was curled up on your knee a few weeks ago, please email [email protected].