Fire fighters asked to help cat… in UK


The Nelson Fire Service was a called to help a lady get her cat out of a tree last month – in England.

Station officer Craig Davies says he received the call on a quiet afternoon from a lady asking if they could come and help get her cat down. It’s not a totally uncommon request and Craig says they agreed to come and help.

The only problem was getting there.

“At first she said Halifax and I thought ‘ok, on Halifax St’. But then she kept saying some other place that she said was a suburb and I had no idea what she was talking about,” says Craig.

As he was on the phone, fellow fire fighter Rob Millener was searching on the nearby computer to try and figure out where the lady was. He realised she was giving the right address, it was just in another country.

“Rob kept saying to me ‘she’s in England, the address is in England’.

“I thought, ‘nah, she can’t be’ but when I asked what country she was in she said England, and I said  ‘I’m sorry, you’ve called Nelson, New Zealand.’”

The lady immediately hung up the phone, says Craig.

“I don’t know if she felt embarrassed or realised it was probably costing her a bit of money so hung up, but it was quite funny.”

Craig says they do occasionally get requests to get cats out of trees.

“If we’re not busy it is something we will do and we were ready to go on this occasion until we pieced it all together. We might have been driving around for a wee while.”

He says the lady must have searched Nelson Fire Service on in the internet and saw the New Zealand brigade first.

“I don’t know how she dialled us though, surely she didn’t dial the country code and area code. I’d hope she would have realised something was amiss if she had to do that.”