Michael Massie, 20, has been sentenced at Christchurch District Court for taking police on a 700km chase across the South Island.

Drunk rugby fan caught driving


An All Blacks fan was caught driving drunk by police at 7.20 this morning.

The drink driver was stopped on their way to work after they had got up early and watched the rugby this morning.

Senior Sergeant John Price said the 47 year old woman was stopped for speeding in Stoke about 7.20am. She was driving more than 20kmh over the posted speed limit.

A breath alcohol test revealed the woman was close to four times the legal limit at 943 microgrammes of alcohol per litre of breath.

Senior Sergeant Price said there were three very concerning factors to the incident.

“Firstly we have a drunk driver, secondly she is driving well in excess of the speed limit and thirdly she is heading to work. I’m just relieved she was stopped before she, or anyone else, was harmed by her actions.”

Senior Sergeant Price said Police would continue to be vigilant on the roads throughout the Rugby World Cup games. He also advised employers to have a conversation with their staff about expectations around staff consuming alcohol before arriving for work.

“We all want to get behind the All Blacks and enjoy the rugby, but if you’re driving after the game our advice is to not drink alcohol and if you drink, don’t drive,” he said.