Christmas card arrives eight months late


Lawrie and Janet Hardaker enjoy receiving a Christmas card as much as the next person. But the latest card they received in the post has given them more laughs than most.

That’s because after the card was sent last December, it finally arrived in the letterbox last week.

Lawrie says their first reaction was to laugh. “Janet then got on the phone to her sister-in-law [who sent the card] and asked if they’d just sent a card to us, and she said ‘no,’ they sent one last December.”

The story of the missing card has been a topic of hot conversation amongst their friends and neighbours, and Lawrie says he did call NZ Post to ask what may have happened to the card. “All they could do was chuckle and laugh. They had no idea.”

The card was sent by Robert and Elizabeth Nelson from New Plymouth, but Lawrie says it was not processed by NZ Post until August, so was probably stuck down the side of a mailbox for the past eight months. “It’s caused a lot of laughs and Elizabeth said that she won’t bother sending a card this year as we’ve already got one.”