Who’s at the rugby? Makos v Bay of Plenty


Fans gathered in Trafalgar Park Stadium last night as the Tasman Makos took out their Win against the Bay of Plenty 34-13.

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The Makos stayed in the lead throughout the game scoring the first try 5-0 in the first 15 minutes.

A small group of Bay of Plenty fans made their presence known with homemade banners and chanting while children dressed in Makos masks and facepaint ran around the sidelines.

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Marcel and Helen Rood have traveled from Blenheim to watch the game with Enika Rood.
Aldan Patchett, 13, Cooper Grant, 11, Tyler Illes, 11, Cam Inglas, 12 and Natsu Yokoyama, 12, show their support for the mighty Makos.
Tripple 1 Care first aiders Louis Standfield, Andy Endersby and Joanne Shirtliff on the sideline. “No accidents yet so we’re thinking about creating one,” Joanne laughed.
Simon Beck and Rick Kerr watch from the sideline corner.
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Bay of Plenty supporters Aroha Tahu, Lu Axtens and Aimee Meads are in Nelson for the first time in their lives. “We hold our own against you guys,” Aroha says. “We have a good crew.”
Josh Gardyne and Kevin Thomson at the start of the game. “We should beet them 13 points and over.”