The Star and Garter Hotel, named after the well known London Inn, was the first hotel in Richmond. It opened in 1848.

The old wooden building was demolished after being damaged by a fire in 1950.

Over 15000 people gathered in Richmond on July 19 1919 in a peace celebration and memorial event to the close of world War One.

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The procession was comprised of The National Reserve Band, returned soldiers, schools, the Mayor and members of the old folks home in both horse-drawn carriage and decorated cars.

The celebration included a luncheon and sports games.

At night a torch lighting ceremony was held, organised by the local fire brigade.

More recently Sundial Square was unveiled as the town square in 1994 by Mayor Kerry Marshall.

The sundial itself weighs approximately  800 kilograms, stands 2.2 metres high, and 1.7 metres wide. It is made up of mild and stainless steel.