Stolen car does the rounds before being found


A car stolen from Haven Road on Thursday passed through three sets of hands before being returned to its rightful owner .

Ben McLeod, who works at Sublime Coffee, had his car parked on the island in the middle of Haven Rd on Friday. During his lunch break he went to fetch his packed lunch from the car, only find the car had been stolen.

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“I got a phone call on Thursday night from a gentleman saying he had my car and would like to explain how he got it.” Ben’s mum Peta McLeod says.

She says she was told the car had been taken by German tourists who then onsold it to a young man at a bus stop before leaving the country. A youth worker had then noticed Ben’s drivers license in the car when he was assisting the young man later that afternoon. Luckily the youth worker had seen Peta’s Facebook post and contacted her that evening.

“He was very apologetic,” she says. “The car came back in perfect condition.”

Fortunately Ben’s camera gear was left in the vehicle as well as everything out of his wallet, but the wallet itself was gone.

“He was absolutely thrilled, not only with the vehicle returned but also with the camera lenses which were worth a lot of money. He has a love of photography and he will be able to use it when he goes over to Malawi in three weeks to help orphans.”