PHOTO: Simon Bloomberg

Speed reduction for Wakatu Estate intersection


A temporary speed reduction has been put in place at the intersection of Elm Street (the entrance to Wakatu Estate) and Main Road Stoke.

The reduction is the result of a crash reduction study which was carried out after an accident in May this year where a dramatic three car collision brought rush hour traffic to a stand still.

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The speed limit in this area will be temporarily reduced from 80kph to 50kph from this afternoon.

Nelson Police support the change and will be rigorously enforcing this new speed restriction.

A second crash occurred last Friday afternoon at the same intersection when a vehicle collided with an 18-year-old motorcyclist driving along Main Road Stoke.

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The chair of the Works and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Eric Davy, says the decision has been taken to reduce crash severity and to make the intersection safer.

“We have undertaken a crash reduction strategy at this intersection and the results suggested this was the wisest course of action as an interim mitigation measure,” he says.

“Our priority is keeping people safe and by reducing the speed limit, we hope to be able to do so.”

Councillor Davy says operational changes and on the ground road markings will be undertaken to make the intersection safer.